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Published poet, playwright & novelist, Domenic Bradley was born in Northern England on 12th December 1977; Fifty years and one week after King Bhumibol of Thailand. After travelling extensively in Europe on a shoestring budget, blogging and travelling he set up Broadsword Books and published a debut poetry collection. He is currently working on his second novel, The Journey to Får and producing another of his manuscripts for this year's Fringe theatre....


Continuing a career path which commenced in 1996 with a play called 'Wiseguys' performed it at Live Theatre on Newcastle's Quayside . then moved to London to make moves. After travelling Europe, cycling and hitchhiking i wrote The Poetaster and then wrote my debut novel on a Buddhist concentration retreat.

Other credits include Irish Andy, Die Autobahn and children's stories The Queen's Witch * Daniel's Bear
He was almost paralysed on Christmas Eve 1999, after driving drunk he lost control, hit the verge and the car overturned. Left practically deaf in one ear after a skin graft blunder; handy if you're trying to sleep in a noisy place.'


An an avid cyclist, Dom cycled across Europe in 2007 from Utrecht to Frankfurt then from Utrecht to Claremont Ferrand. In 2008 he rode from Newcastle to London and regularly cycles in and out of the city.

A semi- professional cage fighter, competing in both Mixed Martial Arts and K1 bouts in England and Thailand. Bradley weighs in at 70kgs and fights out of We Train MMA

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