Brixton: Club capital of the World!

South of the river, Brixton became home to many theatres cum cinemas at the turn of the 20th century. Cashing in on the immensely popular and lucrative West End. Some of BRIXTON'S theatres were to turn into music venues as television and video made watching a movie at home, cheaper, easier and more romantic.

Theatrical venues themselves have suffered insults beyond the inventions of modern technology though Shakespearians never saw those plugs in their sockets. Brixton Theatre - on corner of Coldharbour Lane was bombed in the blitz! They rebuilt over it.

Another popular club just opposite; The Fridge moved from Brixton Lane to Brixton Road & then to the Town Hall Parade in 1985, when it transformed The Palladium Picture House - an early 20th Century cinema created a dance floor with stage and kept the balcony seats on the second floor. Its owner Andrew Czezowski, had run Roxy during its 1977 heyday - when i was in my Mummy's tummy.
The Fridge boasted an 1800 capacity and played hoe to Tinrib, Escape from Samsara, Pendragon and RTTS... it was the first club i wen to in London in 1996; coherced by Christof and Damien Garnier, French exchange students at college...

Though the crowds came and went the parties kept running

The Fridge Bar, situated next-door offered extra hours afterparties and chill out

At 4am on 26th November, 2006 outside the bouncer and owner of Fridge Bar along with one of the deejays were all caught on CCTV assaulting a passerby who had taunted them with racist comments. The mob used a baseball bat and metal bar to render the victim unconscious. They were then convicted of violent disorder/attempted GBH in the subsequent trial, given an accumulated sentence of  412 months.


Another ‘superclub’ on the same stretch, the Brixton Academy was also home to rock bands and dance events,

Built as a Cinema and theatre in the 1920’s for a quarter of a million pounds, what was then the Astoria Theatre became a music venue in 1983 boasting a maximum capacity of 4,921.

Iron Maiden, The Clash, Deborah Harry, The Prodigy, Bob Dylan, HARD-Fi & Sex Pistols all played there. Madonna also concerted there in 2000 to promote her ‘Music’ album

Hear MoonRock  opening scenes Here

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