To: Sir Stephenson (Chief of Metroptilan Police)



Dear Stephen,

First may I say that I have great admiration for the you in the job that you do as part of a noble organization like the Police force. I would deem it unfortunate then that i write this letter apropos of a grouse with the Met. Boris Johnson was the first person i wrote to on the matter alas, when he ignored my email, i turn to you.

I have had run ins" with Police officers in the past. When i was 12 someone stole my cat. I was devestated yet glad the Police conspired to find Sooty. In the end it turned out no one had stolen him; he'd been run over, we buried him in the garden.
When i was 16 i was with my mates in the Park, some were smoking and boozing. I was roped in to it and ended up with an ASBO for drunk and disorderly. I was smashed, i told them where to go but didn't mean it disrespectfully.

After cycling a considerable part of Europe during a twelve month travelling holiday i got back to England still with a certain wanderlust. In October '08 i jumped on a mates bike and set off cycling halfway across Great Britain in ad of Local Animal Welfare. Equipped with a tent, sleeper and two Linda Mcartney pies i set off up into the shires. The cold North Penine winds, strong & gustily almost blew me off my bike. REad more on my travels on Gadaboutlife.co.uk


On day 10 I was in Ayelsbury near London about three quarters of the whole journey distance. I stopped to ask directions and then spent the afternoon chatting with street people, religious preachers and recharging my batteries. I was later questioned, arrested and beaten up by more than two police officers! For my own defence whilst handcuffed in custody the alleged assault took place. I was charged with two accounts of offence, and also of that I was drunk. The case will be heard in court mid Janruary. I plan to tell the truth, contradicting the police’s statements and prove my plea of not guilty. I will also seek disciplinary action against the officers for using unnecessary force and bully tactics.

I was given the impression… these officers had taken anabolic steroids



When i was travelling thourgh Spain spent a couple of nights squatting in the garden of a disused hotel complex. Neighbours in opposing apartments called the Policia or Gendarmerie, i'm not sure which but, one evening settling down to an early night, two officers came up and questioned me, asking for ID and the typical inquisition.
I was taken a back when they asked me in broken Engilsh to see my arms. I rolled up my sleeves and they nodded in acknowledgement. I understod then that this haunt was frequented by junkies and they had thoguht i was one. Showing i'd no holes in my veins proved i was not. THe point being that was enough for them. They did not ask me to empty my pockets, search my wallet, nor expect me to drop my trousers so that they could shine a torch up my backside! I noticed European Police, without being "slack" did not seek pep points for minor drug offences like marijuana possession. May this not be caused by key targets, law enforcers trying to beget as many crimes as possible?


I chose to represent myself after being given false information by the duty solicitor at the previous hearing on a matter relating to my plee. I am worried without formal legal backings the court will steam roll me thru the system. Comparatively, I do not feel the judicial system appropriate for this case as in it is a matter of internal affairs. Therefore I seek support from a figure of moral stature with prominent legal bearing to ensure my case be heard in court. You Sir, could be that person!

I read you stood up to this establishment in the news recently and that you abhor injustice. Please vouch for my position that this matter should be suitably resolved. I understand that you cannot advocate my innocence nor the guilt of those arresting, as you were not there at the time nor do you know the people involved. But if you pledge support for justice to be done, I am confident the majistrate will take notice and then advise me of how to proceed with a comlaint against the Police force itself. I shall not settle with walking scot free. I want something done to stop the police behaving like they did towards innocent people of the public!



May I just round off saying that after tasting the welcome of drop in centres and free food outlets on my hasty 300 mile charity trip I was left dismayed on my two nights stay at Ayelsbury Hilton; and the method of conduct tactically encouraged from senior members of the force.


Yours sincerely,


Domenic Bradley

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