Day 1

Cooked some Quorn pies and roast potatos for lunch, wrapped half in silver foil and backpacked the lot. Left home at noon then cycled up to the Blanchland(2+ hours to 10 miles). and took a beer in the old monastery. Had a touch of de ja vu in the garden. Ate the pie and tetties with my Stella, still warm in the foil. Headed to Stanhope, cycling into County Durham i stopped to explore some interesting varieties of funghi and then camped in soft wood around 3pm. Dosing off for an hour the wind creaked branches, sounds like hunters passing, and sheep mare like devil worship chants. Sweet dreams.




Day 2

Left at Dawn after eerie night. Warm then cold win causing sleet! Wind gusting. Blowing me off my bike! As i walked rain and wind worsened. Stopped for rest as way too windy. Roads downhill. After 2 hours i got to Stanhope and ate breakfast. Leaving for Barnard castle i had to turn back 1.8 miles past Stanhope due to wind. Freewheeled all the way back to town. Got some fuel and thought i'd best turn back. Tried to phone a friend but couldn't get thru. Cycled down to Bishop Aukland for fish n chips then spent the evening in Darlington

Gatecrashed a house party!


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