Euro Trek- April '07 to April 08

From Amsterdam to Malaga and back

Travelog in part

Arriving at the Schipol having flown over from England i walked to Hoopdorf or Hoofdorp (a double vowel in Dutch is pronounced different than in English) I pitched my tent by the canal. "Ok, i've landed, im on my own in a tent with a bag of Marijauna i bought from Superfly" I thought, " This is the start of a really good holiday!" And it was.

I woke up early, sleeping reasonably well. Self-reproaching through the night as to what i had unfortunately forgotten, or simply decided not to bring and now wished i had.
I took a walk following cyclists who were obviously going to the twon centro. "What is the time" i asked a tradesman on his way to work in English as i hadn't brought a Englidh Dutch phrasebook.
He replied, "Half 7" i thought i'd slept in bu that was okay. About an hour later i was in that Town cantre, and noticed the clock said 7.30" I was bemused until i found out that the Dutch do everything backwards, like for example if it was 6.30am they would say half for seven, or Helft voor zeven as they say in Dutch.

Ein twe tree, fier five sex zeven

After a week or so it was time for the Queen's Day celebrations. The biggest day in Holland, even more than Christmas, and the Dutch like the Germans, enjoy a good fest!
I chilled out in Amsterdam for a couple of days. The city was busy and rather hot. I met this guy called Ideal who showed me the sights. Spent a night at the A Hostel.
After two days i jumped on the train and made my way to Broekelyn then Utrecht. A rather nice city which i chose to stay for a bit, hosteling and squatting on Utrechtsewegch. I worked in the hostel and partied in my time off, frequenting bars on the canal and eating schripnels from vending machines.

Then it was Queen's Day, the holiday of Holland and they do have a few... There were some german students at the hostel who were all about 10 years old and one of them had an unfortunate accident. I was talking about this to one of the guardians, for the school or whatever, une frauline called Connie. She said if i was ever in Berlin i should drop her a line.
The Queen's celebrations went with a bang. Celvin and Bart got drunk and dissapeared. I spent the next morning answering the phone and occupying the newly arrived guests, apologinsing as best i could in broken english that i did not have keys to their rooms and couldn't check them in, whilst running up and down the stairs to try and find the real staff who were hungover and slept in

Later that day i was sacked for smoking in the lounge, which was not permitted even in the most relaxed city in Europe. I moved to the weegef winkel which means free shop and everything was free literally free. Second hand clothes, tea & coffee even internet... The shop was squatted and has sincwe been demolished as part of the new train station construction. What a shame.

A few days later i bought a bike for Ten euros and set off cycling. I stopped off the border in Nijmegen and bought a bag of weed and smuggled it across the border- there are hardly any borders in the EUrope any more. Basically, you could carry an elephant across without much trouble.

I stopped off in Dusseldorf.. i walked into a bar across from the station to this authentic Austrian music. I couldn't help but laugh when it turned out to be the Eurovision song contest! Serbia won.

Please take a moment to listen to Marija Serifovic's song (Click here for song)

Ah Marija Superstar! 44 Hours 240-300 kms i was in Hagen and high as a kite! I cycled around the city at 2am trying to buy ice cream. Settled for a Turkish kebab then pushed on. I'd inadvertantly come off the cycle routes and the roads were that busy i got the idea to travel at night in Deutschland. This proved to have good and bad points. Yes the roads were quiet, and cycling in the mountains at night was absolutely beautiful. I will never forget it. But sleeping in the day upset my body clock and after midnight you cant buy food and drinks like you can during the day. I found myself filling up on pizza and kebabs at 1am even if i wasn't hungry just so as i could eat hot food.

Got invited to a birthday party near Siegen From Hagen i got carried away and headed south to Frankfurt au Main. On the outskirts of the city i got a puncture.. These things happen and i commuted into the city where i headed to a hostel that had seemingly never existed and then checked myself in to another where i met an American visiting Germany for a friends wedding. I bunked up with him and as i'd lost my wallet he loaned me a few euros for the trip.

In favor of cycling toward Czech, i headed North again fixing my bike for free, a gift from a lady at the garage, i pushed on into the mountains, but with bad weather, bad navigation and ongrowing fatigue i struggled and became disheartened. Stopping in Bad Wildungen I was befriended by a gentleman named Peter who invited my to stay at his house in Fritzlar. He must have felt sorry for the way i looked!

His wife cooked food and i slept in an outhouse on a flody bed that had a large divet in the middle. I left my bi9ke there still and got a lift to Kassell where i checked out Documenta. Very interesting little scuplture.
I got picked up by the Polizei hitchiking on the Autobahn. They searched my bag for weapons then gave me a lift to the Service station. I slept there and got on a bus at 6.30am headed back from England! I was the last passenger to get off. Asleep, the Driver detoured to drop me on the adloining road East. Pick ups are good that way.
I stayed at that little station for no more than an hour befopre a young Chezch couple offered me a lift. They'd been to Holland for a couple of days.

going i sent that girl an email and arranged to meet on the Alex. After 3am in Germany you can buy a 24hour ticket for 35 euros for 1 or 2 people. This is what i did, and traveled across the Fatherland. It was gruelling, i was asleep on one train when it got to the end of the line. After some moments of unconsiousness it started off again backwards. I woke up and realised i was travelling in the wrong direction. I was aiming for Frankfurt. By the time i got to Berlin i was seeing double. I got off and called this girl. I rang about five times and she wouldn't answer. I think she'd given me a wrong number, by accident probably. I checked into A&O Hostel in Zoolischer Gaarten.

When i finally did get through to her she said she had fever!

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