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Gadabout Life

by Dominic Broadley

I wander if the streets are cold
As avenues of life unfold

Cars drive past through changing lights
On cruises, taking in the sights

A cardboard box, just what i need,
Off Vodaphone a friend indeed.

To rest upon my insane brain
That sheltered me through times of rain.

And seldom think of kindled flames
Roasted chestnuts and childish games

Its warm in here please let me out,
To plough those streets a gadabout

My feet were cold, my head was so,
To London town i must now go

I got to twon became a Spiv
And took from those who would forgive

God did make sins to test our faith
Do you think that's healthy or safe?

One night spent down Coldharbour Lane
Definetly going to go there again.

Not everything is done by half
Fingerless gloves, top-hat and scarf.

I want to drop my head and sleep
But can't because of beep and BEEP!

If i should wake to see your face
This World may not be a disgrace

I win the National Lottery
Buy a million cups of tea

I couldn't find the word to say
I said too many yesterday

This poem that a poet wrote
To turn the frog inside your throat

There were no problems ever solved
Except the fact that we evolved

Join our city wide gang bang
Patroning Cockney rhyming slang

If your in haste to get around
Your fast tracks on the Underground

The best eatery in England
Smollensky's on the Strand

Along the Thames, go with the flow
Here chimes St. Mary-le-Bow Hear them whail the House of Lords
A wax work at Madame Tussards

Take that trip to Buckingham Palace
They sure ain't got one of those in Dallas!

Then home Hotel, watch the B.B.C
By now were all bored of street poetry

Read Devil's Town to London halfway across Britain Here

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This is the boring bit

We are needing