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Gadabout Life was built as an electronic platorm to display contemporary art, in the form produced by the Gadabout team which consists of James Milligan and brothers Michael and Domenic Bradley.



On New Years Day 1996 Mike was a front seat passenger in a road traffic accident from which he nearly lost my life! It lost control and the car overturned. 'I might have been paralysed'.


Mike writes screen plays for local Radio and the Actors Studio. writes musical theatre, for fridge and film. Mick came up with Cole Dare Read it

Domenic Bradley



Writer of the top travel trilogy, the novels E for English, From Russia with Luv and finally Falling in Thai chart the escapades of orphan Dave Woddington as he travels across Europe and into Asia. Dom travelled in Westertn Europe for 12 months and lived in Thailand for eight. Whilst there, writing the final book of the Dave Woddington trilogy he fell in love and married beautiful oriental girl named Min. He also contributed work to help his big brother complete The Agnostic Bible Consecration earlier this year. Read it here

an avid cyclist. In 2007 he cycled from Utrecht to Frankfurt then from Utrecht to Claremont Ferrand. And in 2008 rode from Newcastle to London. And backpacked on the Costas in Spain.


James is 18months older than the twins, though he doesn't always act like it .



Semi-autobiographical debut from M illigan, echoes what was reported by press concerning his estranged relationship with famed Father, Spike.

 Read excerpts, insights into the father/son relations



This is my biography