This was the blueprint for a mail that i sent out to a load of famous celebrities, and a few not so, desperately asking for support. For a full list email celebcontacts@gadaboutlife.co.uk

Guess who got back to me...

To: A few Celebrities




Dear Celeb,(Jamie Oliver>

Hi Jamie, Sorry to trouble you. Thing is I am planning to cycle from London to Loch(Rock)Ness in a couple of weeks. I need to get some media attention from local newspapers etc. I've done things like this before, talked with journalists, submitted articals and photos yet the paper decides not to publish the story Even though its a fair way and for a worthy cause i really need some backing from a celeb to guarantee an early interest from the media. Perhaps you might volunteer support for me, and if you fancy a trip to Scotland in mid-June i would love to meet you at Rock Ness! Thanks for listening, i'd best get off now.... i think i can smell something burning. PS Check my website www.gadaboutlife.co.uk




Yours sincerely,


Domenic Bradley

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