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Irish Andy

Meet Andy, the boy-genius who invented Guinness and coke and went on to make a million bucks! Starting off in the slums of war torn Belfast, Andy grafted and worked part-time pouring pints in a pub. One drunken night an accidental spillage struck gold,,;

Police Chase Andy

Police Chase Andy is the fastest boy racer in Birmingham. That's how he earned his nickname and why he's now a paraplegic. He can still drive and always seems to end up on the wrong side of the law. As soon as the press point their cameras at him, Andy jumps into action!

Cole Dare

The M.O.D have a new secret weapon; Cole.  Dare's the man when it comes to International espionage. He and his U.S Allie Jack Uzi liken Bond to a peewee!

Ex on the Wye

A irrate divorcee frustrated at his wife's philandering and by the court settlement splitting a substantial wealth between the pair, hatches a plan to drown his wife and her new lover by capsizing his own yacht in a mock boating accident, hatching his sinister plans outside the watchful eye of their daughter.

Writing your book

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A journey thru Dance

Save the music, take over London. Forget politics and poetry, indulge in the power of music, moving around, about in the club capital of the World. A conglomeration of the industries elite on one page!

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