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She Loves It

by Dominic Bradley

I read this poem in a book

then recited some verse,

I hoped the words would cheer you up,

they only made you curse,

Not even just a smile for me

you sat and looked so glum,

All i could do was leave you there

to sulk and suck your thumb

As i left i mentioned just

how happy we'd of been,

The places i'd of took you

and the things we might have seen,

You got annoyed and told me

that someone took you to Paris

You then said "i was hopeless"

and you made me quite embarrassed.

"OK" i said "I'll go" i guessed

i would not see you later.

You slammed the door then got in bed

and played with your vibrator!

The neighbours heard the como

and the came round to complain

"Its him" you said "he's drunk,

the boy is driving me insane"

"My God let's call Police"

but not the local law enforcers,

Oh no you dialed the number

for the men in flying saucers

They found me and they asked me

what it was i was up to

I said "i don't remember",

i still claim that that is true

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