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H.M.P Woodhill

by Domenic Bradley

I sang some rhyme perpetrated a crime
Fully aware it could mean time
Myself i'd sinned when Christ had risen
That's why they sent me to prison

That time had come, my day in court
Saying sorry was an afterthought
Not guilty plea, i would not budge,
The choice was left upon the Judge!

He sent me to H.M.P Woodhill
I guessed i had some time to kill.
I'd been through far too much red tape
You'd think that I was in for rape.

I'm still not sure what scared me most
Those burly men or the little ghost
I felt like Jack or Freddy West
Whose names should not be used in jest!

I'll clean my cell and eat my food,
And do my utmost to not be lewd.
Too bad I'm missing Mary Jane
Apart from that i shan't complain.

I dabbled in a touch of Tom Foolery
So the Senior Officer said to me,
"ny more of this nonsense and you'll be for it!"
I replied "Think not, for i shall be Poet Laureate!

It is not my fault i am from my roots,
I am just not like those men in suits
Who do what's right for them and there's
And seldom think of others

I did my time and paid my dues
Tried my utmost to annoy the screws;
So sorry now its time to go
Back to that normal life i know.

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