E For English David Woddington has an audition at the RSC. Though the bus nearly crashed he makes it and reads Shakespeare and fails. Returning home a drunken failure he is bereft to find his dear Aunt and guardian dead. Grieving he retrieves items from the attic then embarks on a journey to Germany in such of Uncle Jack.

A journey thru Thailand

 Crossing from Cambodia, travelling with nought, on his way to Pattaya; the notoriously sexy sleaze capital of the World. Dave is visa-less and finding his way, but he never expected to fall in love with a bargirl;

Free Lance

 Kidnaped one relaxed evening and locked in a mental asylum; Lance tells us of his plight, and his ticket out of there


the poetaster

An anthology of poems published by Broadsword Books

Cat and Mat, free verse, limmericks and Cockney rhymes feature in this debut collection 

I Read this Poem before an interview Here
Hear it read by poet Here

H.M.P Woodhill A poem about prison Here
Hear it read by poet Here

The Beach A poem about Here

Brain Candy TV crossword or poem Here

Children's Stories

The Queen's Witch

The Queen's Witch

Civil war has torn the country and the Queen, in hiding relies on her haggard confidant.  

Daniel's Bear

Daniel's Bear

While Daniel is at school his favorite cuddly toy gets up to all sorts of adventures. Join him as he explores the street, disguised as an ordinary human being, albeit small.  

The Musical Majician

The Wench was so wicked, the majician knew he had to do something... His spell wouldn't work on such a powerful but abhorrid woman; so instead, he used something else...  

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Street Walk theatre play

A gadabout's in town; Charlie Longfellow, an old, aging street poet who has lived on the streets for 30 years. StreetWalk charts his final days as a young, shirty, crackhead finds solace in Charlie’s makeshift home – under the railway bridge.

MoonRock dance musical Mike's parents leave for Gibraltar. He and his best friend and their girlfriends are flying to Spain too! Little brother Malcolm is being a pest as usual. The next door neighbour's mowing his lawn. All is quiet on this, the poshest neighbourhood in East London but things are about to get messy... Will they catch the flight?

mad mouse play The new arrival, sectioned into a psychiatric ward sparks a kerfuffle as a rodent terrifies patients and staff. As Doug tries to dig his way out, has he let the mouse in or did it find another way into the mental hospital?


Die Autobahn Road Movie

Die Autobahn: Road Movie is a short feature of melancholy as partygoers and group members disperse from  VooV festival gathering. The story follows Lewis and his half-German girlfriend Alice as they travel from one party to the next; stopping at Alice's Uncle's country cottage en route.



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